King George V Playing Field

In 1937 land for a playing field was conveyed to the Parish Council on condition that it should not be used for any other purposes other than as a recreation ground and a playground for children and youth.  The £100 needed to buy the land was given to the Parish Council Chairman by a parishioner who wished to remain anonymous.


A grant of £60 was received from the King George's Fields Foundation and so the parish only needed to raise £17 17s 1d towards the cost of providing a Playing Field on the site.  Batcombe's Playing Field is one of 471 King George V Playing Fields that were established in this country to commemorate King George V who died in 1936 after a reign of 25 years.  The Playing Field was opened in 1938.


Over the years the Parish Council and various groups of residents have sought to improve the facilities available in the Playing Field and currently the Playing Field contains a small footpath pitch with goalposts and nets; a cricket net; swings and other children's play equipment including a multiplay item; and a shelter.     



Users are asked to respect the fact that dogs are not allowed in the Playing Field.  This is a children's play area and dog faeces pose a serious health hazard to young children as well as being very unpleasant to have to clear up. 


Zip Wire

The zip wire has been repaired with Mainstay Projects reconcreting the stays to prevent the flexing of the timber supports.  And following the annual RoSPA safety inspection of the Play Field the zip wire can now be used again.  Please note that the zip wire should only be used by one child at a time.


Annual Village Fete - Closure of the Playing Field

The annual Village Fete will take place in the Playing Field on the August Bank Holiday, Monday August 28th from 2.00pm.  Please note that to allow for the safe preparation and clearing up after the Fete, the Playing Field will be closed from 8.00pm on Saturday August 26th, on Sunday August 27th and on the morning of Tuesday August 29th.  During this time the moving items of play equipment in the Playing Field, such as the zip wire, will be immobilised to avoid accidents.  The Parish Council hopes that enjoyment of the Fete will compensate for the temporary closure of the Playing Field. 

Keep on the Grass

New multi-play apparatus in the Playing Field

In 2011 a group of young mothers with the support of the Parish Council set up a group known as "Keep on the Grass" to raise funds to improve the play equipment for younger children in the Playing Field.  Through some enthusiastic fundraising and some grant applications, sufficient funds were raised purchase some exciting new equipment.


As a first stage there was a Willow Weaving Day in February 2013 when two willow structures were erected in the Playing Field.  One of these is a willow shelter with an oak bench provided by Mainstay Projects.  The other is a willow play hut with willow tunnels leading from it.     


New play equipment for the Playing Field has been designed and constructed by Mainstay Projects, and is now installed in the Playing Field.  This equipment replaces the old 'fort' which was beginning to rot.  The swings have been repositioned and now include a 'nest' swing.  And because of the success of the Auction of Promises in raising funds a zip wire has also been installed behind the goal posts at the east end of the Playing Field.

Willow tunnels and monkey bars
Zip wire
Willow shelter and bench