News from BATCOMBE

Recycling and Refuse Collections

As a result of the two bank holidays in May the collections that would have been on Friday May 11th and Friday June 1st will now be a day late on Saturday May 12th and Saturday June 2nd respectively.


Shindig Weekender May 2018

The Shindig music festival at Gilcombe Farm, Bruton in May 2017 caused significant disturbance in Batcombe, particularly in Kale Street.  As a result, the Parish Council made a representation to South Somerset District Council regarding the application for a premises licence for the Shindig Weekender this May.  The premises licence for the festival was granted, but the licensing authority reduced the hours until which live and recorded music can be played from 4.00am to 2.00am.  Following an appeal by the organisers, the decision to reduce the hours music can be played until was reversed by stricter noise conditions were imposed on the festival.


Annual Parish Council Meeting

At the Annual Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 9th May Chris Wildridge was re-elected as the Parish Council Chairman for the coming year and Justin Witcombe was elected as the Parish Council's Vice Chairman.


June Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 6th June at 8.00pm in the Old School, Batcombe.  Please note the later start time during the summer.  Residents are welcome to attend and to participate at the discretion of the Chairman.  The Agenda and Minutes of the previous meeting can be downloaded from the Minutes and Agendas page a week before the meeting.


Vacant Allotments

There are currently four vacant allotments.  If anyone in Batcombe or one of our neighbouring parishes is interested in renting these allotments, please contact the Clerk.  The rent for an allotment is £35 for the year and a copy of the allotment holder's tenancy agreement can be downloaded from the Allotments page. 


Pre-salting in Batcombe

Somerset Highways attempted to pre-salt the road from Evercreech as far as the crossroads by Batcombe Church.  Unfortunately they were not been able to do so because of cars parked on the road that runs down from the junction at the Round House, past Boords Farm and onto the Church.  We are told the gritting lorry needs a minimum clearance of 3.5m.  Somerset Highways will now only pre-salt the road from Evercreech as far as the Spargrove Lane junction on the edge of Westcombe.  


Pre-salting in Batcombe this winter

Somerset Highways had indicated that the road through Batcombe would not be included on the pre-salting network this winter; and that as last year the road from Evercreech would only be salted to the edge of Westcombe, leaving no road out of Batcombe salted in icy weather.   


Our County Councillor, Nigel Hewitt-Cooper, and representatives of the County Council's Highway Department attended the Parish Council meeting on September 6th, where the Parish Council and parishioners expressed their concerns about the consequences of no route out of the village being pre-salted.  Following this, a compromise was suggested by Somerset Highways where the route into the village would be pre-salted as far as the Old Rectory on Gold Hill, on the understanding that should this route be blocked by badly parked cars, the service would be suspended.


At the October Parish Council meeting the Council stressed to our County Councillor the need for the route through Kale Street to the A359 to be pre-salted, not least to ensure the safety of the school buses.  The Parish Council would seek to ensure that the route was not blocked by parked cars in Kale Street.


Playing Field - Zip Wire

The zip wire has been repaired with Mainstay Projects reconcreting the stays to prevent the flexing of the timber supports.  And following the annual RoSPA safety inspection of the Play Field the zip wire can now be used again.  Please note that the zip wire should only be used by one child at a time.


Batcombe Telephone Kiosk

As the telephone kiosk in Batcombe had not been used for a year, BT have removed the telephone.  The Parish Council adopted the telephone kiosk in Westcombe, which is now a listed building - but do not plan to adopt the Batcombe kiosk, which is a modern replacement.


Housing Needs Survey Meeting

A parish meeting was held at 2.30pm on Saturday November 26th 2016 in the Jubilee Hall to publicise the results of the Housing Needs Survey and answer any questions that parishioners may have.  A copy of the report on the Housing Needs Survey produced by the Community Council for Somerset can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below.  The Survey reveals a housing need for seven people/households with strong connections to the parish, six of whom currently live in the parish.  Those present at the meeting indicated their support for more affordable housing for those with connections to the parish.  

Housing Needs Survey for the Parish of Batcombe - Final Report
Batcombe Parish Housing Needs Survey - F[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.3 MB]


Somerset County Council - New Telephone Number

0300 123 2224 is now the single telephone number for all enquiries to Somerset County Council.  This number replaces the previous 0845 numbers including the number for reporting safety defects on the roads. 


Priority Services Register

Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution have a Priority Services Register for anyone who needs electricity for home medical equipment, or who is disabled, has a young baby or receives a state pension.  Those on the Register are promised support during a power cut.  To register call 0800 294 3259 from a landline or 0345 072 1900 from a mobile or see the webpage for more details of the Register:


Planning Applications

Details of all applications the Council considers can be found by following the link to the District Council's planning search page from the Planning Applications page.


Guide to Information Available from the Parish Council

The Freedom of Information Act requires the Parish Council to publish "A Guide to the Information Available from the Parish Council."  Now that the Council has a website, this guide is available to download from the Parish Council Documents page along with the Parish Council's Standing Orders and other policies and papers that the Parish Council is required to publish.