News from BATCOMBE

Coronavirus - Stay at Home

The national lockdown means you should:

  • stay at home unless you have a reasonable excuse such as work, education, caring for the vulnerable, essential shopping, medical needs or exercise
  • not mix with anyone outside your household or support bubble indoors
  • only meet one other person for exercise outdoors
  • work from home unless you cannot do this
  • not travel apart from essential local journeys
  • keep your distance if you do have to go out (at least 2m apart)
  • where appropriate wear a face covering
  • wash your hands regularly
  • stay up to date at

A local support group for residents of Batcombe has been set up to help those who are self-isolating with shopping, collecting prescriptions, etc.  If you have not received a leaflet with the telephone numbers of the organisers and need help, please contact the Clerk who will put you in touch.  


To keep up to date with the latest information visit the NHS website.  Further advice can be found on the website and the latest information from the County Council - with more useful links - can be found on the Somerset County Council website.


January Parish Council Meeting

The January Parish Council meeting on Wednesday January 13th 2021 at 7.30pm will be held remotely via Zoom.  The Agenda and Minutes can be downloaded from the Minutes and Agendas page.  Members of the public are welcome to join the meeting and anyone wishing to do so should contact the Clerk for further details.


Playing Field to Remain Open

Under the new national lockdown, outdoor playgrounds do not have to close and so the Playing Field will remain open.  However, you should not mix with anyone outside your household or support bubble and keep at least 2m from any other users.  Anyone using the play equipment or the gate into the Playing Field should take particular care to clean their hands after use and avoid touching their face. Children should be supervised carefully to maintain good hygiene and should not use the play equipment if they have any signs or symptoms of coronavirus. 


The Parish Council does not have the staff available to clean the equipment or the gate between users and so users and parents are advised to clean the equipment themselves before use and to bring hand sanitiser to clean their and their children's hands after use.  Users are reminded of the need for social distancing and parents should note that they allow their children to use the Playing Field at their own risk.


New Play Equipment - Update

Great news!  The Parish Council has accepted the offer of a grant of £58,976 from the Viridor Credits Environmental Company from the Landfill Communities Fund to provide a wide range of much needed new play equipment in the Playing Field.  Many thanks to every one who took the time to write a letter of support to demonstrate the community support for the project and to all those who helped raise or donated funds towards the project and the required Contributing Third Party payment of 10% of the grant.  


The New Play Equipment page has copies of various presentations of what the new equipment will look like that can be downloaded and links to play equipment suppliers' catalogues giving details of individual items of equipment.  We hope to place an order in January which would mean the new equipment being installed in March or April.  


Church Tower Broadband Transmitting Mast

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) have agreed to the installation of a temporary wireless transmitting mast on the church tower to redirect the wifi broadband signal provided by Voneus more widely around the village.  The PCC note that this is a very low powered signal - weaker than a normal mobile phone signal.  A full statement from the PCC can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below.

Batcombe PCC - Voneus Broadband WiFi Note
Batcombe PCC - Voneus Broadband WiFi Not[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [92.5 KB]


Parish Council Accounts for the Year Ended 31st March 2020

The notice of the period for the exercise of public rights to inspect the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) can be found on the Audit and Transparency Code page.  The various sections of the AGAR: the Certificate of Exemption; the Internal Audit Report; the Annual Governance Statement and the Accounting Statements for 2019/20 can also be found on the same page.  Because of the coronavirus restrictions the usual deadline for the publication of the AGAR was extended by two months to September 1st. 


Coronavirus Advice for Allotment Holders

Current advice (March 26th) from the National Allotment Society is that allotment holders can visit and work on their allotments, but should do alone or only with members of the household.  They should keep away from other allotment holders and avoid sharing tools.  Further advice can be found on the National Allotment Society website.


Beware of Covid-19 Scams

Trading Standards have issued a warning to be aware of fraudsters who are trying to exploit fear and uncertainty surrounding Covid-19.  The outbreak of coronavirus has seen an increase in scams that include counterfeit medical kits that claim to prevent or cure the disease and fake online coronavirus resources which can contain damaging software.  Counterfeit goods such as hand sanitiser, face masks and swabbing kits are also being widely advertised online.


Financial scams, both online and by telephone, have also increased as criminals seek to take advantage of the financial uncertainty many people and businesses face due to the coronavirus.  These include calls pretending to be from your bank or mortgage provider and an increase in loan shark activity.


Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards are urging people to remain vigilant and to watch out for scams in their neighbourhood, which often target elderly and vulnerable people within the community.  Communities are also being urged to look out for doorstep traders.  Whilst there are many genuine community groups and charities that are helping those who are most isolated, it is important to be aware of those who may be taking money under the false pretence of helping with day-to-day tasks.


A full list of identified scams can be viewed on the National Trading Standards website.


New Play Equipment

Thanks to our County Councillor, Nigel Hewitt-Cooper, we have been awarded a grant of £1,250 from the County Council’s Improving Lives Grant Scheme.   This brings the total raised for the new play equipment to just over £10,000.  The Parish Council has obtained a number of quotes for the new equipment and after looking at these in detail will be asking the play equipment suppliers to admend their quotes slightly so that there are three comparable quotes for the grant making body. 



At its January meeting the Parish Council agreed a small increase in its precept of £200 to £9,950.  The 2% increase in the precept will allow the Council to cover increasing costs of administration (this year it has to ensure that the Parish Council website complies with accessibility standards) and has reserves to meet any contingencies, such as paying for additional road salt in a bad winter.             


Winter Gritting

Details of the winter salting routes for 2019/20 have now been published.  The County Council has reversed many of last year’s cuts to the salting routes and the Bruton-Evercreech road will be salted this winter.  However, the road through Batcombe and the Evercreech-Westcombe road will again not be salted, so great care will be needed in on the roads in the parish during icy weather.  The Parish Council has arranged for large dumpy bags of road salt to be placed at the top of Hincombe Hill and Mill Lane; and at the top of Spargrove Lane and by the War Memorial in Westcombe.  Please note that any volunteers applying the salt do so at their own risk.


Bingo Evening and Bonfire Night

Many thanks to all who supported the Bingo Evening on December 7th and especially to Clare Kingston who organised the evening to raise money for new play equipment in the Playing Field.  The evening raised a total of £502 for the new play equipment.


The Parish Council would also like to express its grateful thanks to those who helped with and supported the Bonfire Party despite the wet weather.  After expenses, the event raised £617.30 for the new play equipment.  Cllr Jayne Cox writes on behalf of the Parish Council:

I feel I have to write this letter to express how proud I am to be a resident of this parish and to thank all of the people (adults and children) who contributed in many different and important ways: from the planning stage; the use of the venue; the donations of wood and building the bonfire; donating fireworks; catering; selling tickets; providing and manning the bar; and the all-important clearing up afterwards!  And also all the people who turned out in the cold and rain to support this event. 

We not only raised money for the new play equipment, but proved what an amazing community team effort we can achieve.  Credit where credit is due - to everyone who has helped in anyway and everyone who has donated to the Playing Field fund.  Thank you. You are all brilliant! 


Removal of the Multi-play Equipment from the Playing Field

Following a recent act of minor vandalism, the Parish Council decided that the multi-play equipment in the Playing Field was no longer safe for children to use and so have removed this piece of equipment.  Removal of the equipment revealed that all the main supports, apart from the one under the central bridge, were rotting badly.


The Parish Council is aware that some questions have been raised as to how the multi-play equipment, which was installed in 2013, has deteriorated so quickly.  The money for the equipment – the multi-play and the zip wire – was raised by a group of young mothers who called themselves “Keep on the Grass”.  This group wished to use a local company to design and install the multi-play equipment rather than one of the large play equipment manufacturers and the Parish Council agreed to this.


The company produced an innovative design for the multi-play equipment that incorporated some locally-donated tree trunks as the main supports (as well as a small bridge designed by Richard La Trobe Bateman).  Unfortunately, within a couple of years it became clear that the wood for the main supports had not been properly treated before being installed and the supports began to show evidence of rotting where they entered the ground.


Attempts were made to correct this, including painting the supports with rubberised paint, but there is only a limited amount that can be done if the wood is not properly treated before installation.  It should be noted that the support for the central bridge was made of treated wood and showed no sign of any rot on removal.


The Parish Council is planning to replace the multi-play with a new piece of equipment.  To avoid the problems with the equipment just removed, the Parish Council will purchase the new equipment from a recognised play equipment manufacturer and will install metal equipment so that there is no danger of it rotting.  It is worth noting that the metal swings were installed in the 1950s and show no signs of deteriorating.  



All ten allotments are now taken.  If anyone would like to join a waiting list for when an allotment next comes vacant, please contact the Clerk.


Batcombe Telephone Kiosk

BT have now removed the telephone kiosk in Batcombe, which had not been used for a year.  The Parish Council adopted the telephone kiosk in Westcombe, which is now a listed building - but decided not to adopt the Batcombe kiosk, as this was a modern replacement.


Somerset County Council - New Telephone Number

0300 123 2224 is now the single telephone number for all enquiries to Somerset County Council.  This number replaces the previous 0845 numbers including the number for reporting safety defects on the roads. 


Priority Services Register

Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution have a Priority Services Register for anyone who needs electricity for home medical equipment, or who is disabled, has a young baby or receives a state pension.  Those on the Register are promised support during a power cut.  To register call 0800 294 3259 from a landline or 0345 072 1900 from a mobile or see the webpage for more details of the Register:


Planning Applications

Details of all applications the Council considers can be found by following the link to the District Council's planning search page from the Planning Applications page.


Guide to Information Available from the Parish Council

The Freedom of Information Act requires the Parish Council to publish "A Guide to the Information Available from the Parish Council."  Now that the Council has a website, this guide is available to download from the Parish Council Documents page along with the Parish Council's Standing Orders and other policies and papers that the Parish Council is required to publish.